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What is DuneBoat Sales?

When work flows, revenue grows.
Duneboat are transforming work with a single place for all your apps, data, alerts, and conversations, from internal teammates to external partners and customers. Developed with 20 years’ experience in professional yachting industry.

How can DuneBoat help my business grow?

Now more than ever, it’s important to build deeper connections with your customers, manage and monitor your business in real time, and pivot fast as the world continues to evolve rapidly. DuneBoat Sales can help.

Is my business too small to use DuneBoat?

Dune Boat brings software for companies of all sizes. We provide small and large agencies right down to worldwide compagny to create and develop efficient sales strategies.

DuneBoat works on my mobile device?

A responsive version is available on your mobile, to manage your daily tasks: Appointments, new purchase request or C.A., sharing of your yacht's files. Following the steps of your sales procedures.

What is the difference between DuneBoat other Classic CRM?

We are a CRM and a SalesForce in one.
100% tailored to the professional Yacht Sales teams (for Yacht Brokers & Yacht Managers).

How secure is my data in DuneBoat ?

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How much does DuneBoat cost?

Our rates are flexible and adapted to your quantity of user, and admin / agency account.
Our rates start from 99 Euros / month / User
and from 145 Euros / month / Admin.

Our step-up fees are very low, starting at 299 Euros.

DuneBoat Sales

How do I get started implementing DuneBoat ?

Request access to 14 days trial version from Dune Boat customer service.
After this period, Dune Boat's technical department will finalize your complete custom installation.

How long is the DuneBoat Sales setup process?

From 48 hours to 1 week, depending to the number of Users and Admins of your company.

How can I connect with DuneBoat experts?

Via the ticketing menu in your Duneboat dashboard.
Our team will immediately reply to your requests.

What support is available to help me get DuneBoat up and running?

Our Dune Boat Expert service is at your disposal for the setup of the software, training and fixing any bugs.