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Inspire, support and empower to be the best.

Upgrade your digital solutions...

...team up with the highest-level enterprise of digital transformation

Give to your members the tools to sell more and close deals faster with regular features to connect them to industry-leading Global Distribution Systems and third-party to open up new leads and revenue streams.

20 years experience
in the yachting market.

20 years experience
in B2B software.

10 years experience
in digital transformation.

Association program

Association Program Built An Collaboration, Efficiency & Freedom.

  • That means together we can deliver to your members the resources and expertise they need to realize digital transformation.
  • Connect the right Yacht Sales CRM to your members with yachting developer experts on your side.
  • Taking advantage for association special prices

to you...

Add value services

With your integration to the world's largest business app yachting marketplaces.

Highest commisions

Up to 15% Commission for Selling Software and Digital Goods to your members.

Add value technology

By adopting the digital transformation, to get ready for web 3.0

Strengthen member relations

by staying innovative to help you member to be compete, and figure out how to accommodate new technology for them.

to your members...

Association rates

25% off the public rate.

Data security

Make it easy for agencies to protect and respect the privacy of their customers’ data.

Easy access

Online access via your association dashboard, with a single place for all their apps, data, alerts, and conversations, from internal teammates to external partners and customers.

Virtual new normal

Adapted to online world to stay connected with easy-to-use apps for virtual selling, enablement, forecasting, and planning — regardless of their location. From anywhere and at anytime.

Maintaining business
at the highest level

Maintaining business at the highest level of ethical conduct, committing to equality and diversity, protecting the environment, sharing knowledge and combining strengths, building strong relationships, and continuously developing, both professionally and personally.

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Compatibility test with your digital environment.
And strategic integration analysis.

Sell to your

Every association agreement is personalized.
It specifies the duration, amount of your commissions and discount to your members.

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Duneboat Sale integration in your software will be done by our developers.

Get your

From login access.
Set-up with each member and training support delivered by our users service.

Your commission instantly when your member pay.
No additional invoicing to be managed.
You get a monthly sales report with commission invoices automation.