Bringing people together changes everything

DuneBoat Sales research to help the yachting market world for the better through technology that builds stronger relationships. Between agencies and their customers. Between customers and far-flung teams. Between administrations and buyers & sellers.

In the beginning

From the start, DuneBoat is a software development company specialized in real estate under the name of Dune Gestion.
After a great success in Switzerland with CRM customized to the real estate projects sector, Dune Gestion buys a company in Nice specialized in yachting websites, which it will evolve into the development of CRM solutions dedicated to the yachting market under the name : DuneBoat.

The story goes with the experience

A combination of 3 experiences, which make unity...
- Firstly: more than 20 years experience in yachting market
- Secondly: more than 20 years experience in B2B software & website
- lastly: more than 10 years experience in digital transformation