& digitalization

Acquisition of leads,
digital communication,
dematerialization of your contracts
with electronic signature 

Management of your boats for sale

Manage your boats for sale, new or used.
Broadcast them on the ad sites.
Track your business and reconcile your inventory with your leads.
  • More than 150 specs available on the boat sheets
  • Matching prospects/boats
  • Simplified new boat quote from manufacturer's price list
  • Backup of boat documents in the cloud
  • Management of berths

Your boats on all
advertising sites

  • Automatic broadcasting on all ad sites
  • Create as many feeds as you want in a simple and intuitive way
  • Our feeds are 100% compatible with Open Marine which is the standard exchange format between the different platforms of the nautical world

* Non-exhaustive list
Duneboat Sales

Track your business
alone or in a team

Thanks to a fine management of the rights, it is possible to define who can see what, who can do what.
Thus you can define the modules you want to share and your personal data, ideal for sales teams.
  • Follow your current business
  • Plan reminders
  • Collect and store all your
    information about your customers
  • History and follow-up of your contacts

Your paperless contracts
and signed electronically

  • Mandate, compromise and deed of sale
  • Generation of pre-filled contracts in 1 click
  • Easily editable
  • Electronic signature  
  • Automatic backup in the cloud
Duneboat Sales

Create quality brochures in 1 click!

  • Standard brochure
  • Full brochure
  • Friendly brochure
  • Horizontal display card
  • Vertical display card
  • Boat catalogue

Your emailing campaigns do it all by themselves!

  • Select one or more boats, your emailing campaign is automatically created
  • All you have to do is send it directly to all your prospects from DuneBoat